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Premium (12 months)
Premium (12 months)
Premium (12 months)
Premium (12 months)
Premium (12 months)
Premium (12 months)


Premium Subscription

  • 12-month duration 

  • Discover who is using XSEED and explore its benefits for different users

  • Improve your skills and make smarter decisions on the field

  • Set ambitious goals to improve your performance.

  • Receive personalized tips and recommendations based on your individual performance metrics. 

  • Monitor your athletic and technical development throughout the season 


The ultimate choice for athletes committed to taking their game to the next level. This plan offers a comprehensive suite of advanced features and benefits designed to elevate your football experience.
Explore a world of exclusive performance metrics and statistics, revealing intricate insights to enhance your game like never before.

How does it work?

Upon upgrading to the Premium Plan, please be sure to keep an eye on your email inbox, as you will receive a confirmation email containing a unique and exclusive activation code. This special code will be your key to unlock and activate your Premium access, ensuring that you can fully enjoy all the advanced features and benefits the Premium Plan has to offer.




Enhance your experience by selecting the Premium Plan and unlock all premium features for an unbeatable advantage
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App Features
Match & training sessionsTRUETRUE
Player performance cardTRUETRUE
XPR (XSEED Performance Rating)TRUETRUE
Indoor tracking Coming soonTRUETRUE
Unlimited saved session FALSETRUE
Performance Rankings & Comparison FALSETRUE
Viewer access (parents; coaches; ...)FALSETRUE
Media Library / Guided Trainings Coming soonFALSETRUE
Download report & data Coming soonFALSETRUE
Virtual Coach Coming soonFALSETRUE
Technical Metrics
Passes (left and right foot)TRUETRUE
% short passes & % launchesTRUETRUE
Crosses (left and right foot)TRUETRUE
Shots (left and right foot)TRUETRUE
Max shot power x session Coming soonTRUETRUE
Geolocalization of Technical eventsTRUETRUE
xG (expected goals)FALSETRUE
Shots & Passes direction Coming soonTRUETRUE
Average Position Coming soonFALSETRUE
Seasonal Technical DataFALSETRUE
Athletic Metrics
Distance coveredTRUETRUE
N° of sprints & Sprint DistanceTRUETRUE
Sprint mapTRUETRUE
Speed zones Coming soonFALSETRUE
Athletic load index Coming soonFALSETRUE
Technical load index Coming soonFALSETRUE
Seasonal Athletic DataFALSETRUE

Discover one of our new advanced metrics: xG (Expected Goals)

Quantify the likelihood of a shot becoming a goal, considering primarily the location of the shot.

Analyze the effectiveness of your attacking performance, improving shot selection, and making data-driven decisions to enhance your goal-scoring capabilities. 

Enjoy our new feature within XSEED: the Player Rankings

This innovative addition allows users to compare their performance metrics with other users. Find motivation to elevate your performance and impress your peers!

XSEED Premium users can now benchmark their performance more effectively. By comparing your performance to that of other users, you can gain valuable insights into your standing among peers. 

Find out one of our new AI powered tool: Virtual Coach

XSEED's Virtual Coach tailors its advice and recommendations based on the player's specific performance metrics and goals.

Stay committed to your training regimen and goals, ensuring a consistent and dedicated approach to improvement.

Enjoy the freedom to save an unlimited number of sessions with our new feature

Save an unlimited number of training or match sessions, ensuring a comprehensive record of your football-related activities. 

Compare your performance across different matches or training sessions, in order to understand your consistency and assess your adaptability in various scenarios.

Take part in the revolution and gain a competitive advantage over your opponents