What about AIDA?

What is AIDA?

AIDA, standing for AI Data Analyst, is a mobile app under the xvalue.ai  product suite that enables users to query Soccerment's expansive database for human-like, text-based analysis and insights, transforming complex football data into actionable insights.

How does AIDA work?

AIDA employs advanced Large Language Models (LLMs) to interact with Soccerment's database, providing detailed football analytics in response to user queries, facilitating a deeper understanding and evaluation of players and teams across different seasons.

What functionalities does AIDA offer?

AIDA offers player and team analysis, exploring advanced metrics, and provides a history and collections feature for organizing your interactions. Your subscription level determines the depth of analysis you receive, from basic to more advanced responses. Discover more about subscriptions here.

How does AIDA enhance my football analytics experience?

AIDA significantly cuts down the time needed to obtain tailored insights, making football analytics more accessible, engaging, and informative. It’s a tool for anyone looking to delve deeper into football analytics, whether for personal or professional use.

What are the next steps for AIDA?

We plan to refine AI models, expand use cases to cater to a broader spectrum of user needs such as Fantasy Football assistance, introduce rankings and market value estimations, and enhance user engagement, speed, efficiency, and UI/UX of the app.

How can I provide feedback on AIDA?

We value community feedback. Users can share insights, discuss analyses, and provide feedback for AIDA's continuous improvement through designated channels which will be established to foster a community of football analytics enthusiasts. A dedicated Discord channel will soon be available.

Is my interaction with AIDA secure?

Yes, all interactions are securely managed, ensuring the privacy and security of your data while using AIDA.

How are payments handled for the AIDA subscription?

In-App Purchase Options:
For Apple users: You can subscribe directly within the iOS app.
For Android users: Currently, in-app purchases for AIDA are not available for Android devices.

Website Purchase Option:
Both Apple and Android users can subscribe via the Soccerment website at a 30% discount compared to the in-app purchase price on the Apple Store.

How many leagues and players are covered in AIDA's database?

AIDA's database covers more than 12 countries, encompassing 17 leagues and over 20,000 players.

What is the difference between basic and advanced answers?

  • Basic answers provide a straightforward response to a question without extra detail or complexity.
  • Advanced answers provide in-depth explanations and may include multiple facets of the question asked.