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  • AI-technology captures right and left foot performance

  • 25+ Technical & 20+ Athletic metrics

  • Free Access to the XSEED App

  • Designed for all ages, optimized for those >120cm in height

  • Endorsed and tested by Elite Clubs and Pro Players

  • Certified for Official Match & Training scenarios

  • Suitable for both indoor and outdoor use

  • 14 days money back guarantee

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The first smart shinguards to unlock your potential and empower your skills. Wear your XSEED, download the official App and pair them. Thanks to 5 advanced sensors you gather data after every match.

1. Improve your technical, physical and tactical performance

Technical events analysis
Everything you want to know about your technical skills. Number and direction of passes, number of crosses, number of shots and shot power.

Athletic performance
Everything you want to know about your athletic skills. Total distance covered, speed, number of sprints, deceleration and heatmap.

Geolocation of events
Discover in which area of the pitch you perform a specific drill and what you should be focusing on to unlock your potential.

2. Get noticed by the European top club and gain visibility

3. All the data in your smartphone with the XSEED App

Technical specifications

  • 2 smart shinguards
  • Rechargeable battery, up to 3 matches without recharging
  • Device weight <100g
  • Integrated IMU with 3D Accelerometer (2X), 3D Gyroscope (1X), 3D Magnetometer (1X)
  • GPS Module @ 20 Hz with custom-designed antenna for enhanced signal accuracy
  • BLE Module (Data Transfer)
  • USB Type-C (Faster Charging)

What you'll get

  • 2 smart shinguards
  •  Sleeves size M in which to insert the devices
  •  Splitter cable to charge both shinguards
  •  iOS and Android app
  •  User manual
  • Track your technical, athletic, tactical performance

Exceptional strength and impact resistance

Extreme accuracy thanks to integrated AI

Easy-to-use app available for iOS and Android

Up to 3 Match of autonomy without recharging

2-year warranty ensuring product reliability

Support for technical and customer care needs



Welcome to XSEED

Enjoy our new feature within XSEED: the Player Rankings

This innovative addition allows users to compare their performance metrics with fellow XSEED users. With this feature, find motivation to elevate your performance and impress your peers.

XSEED Premium users can now benchmark their performance more effectively. By comparing your performance to that of other users, you can gain valuable insights into your standing among peers. 

Get noticed by Talent Scouts all over Europe and gain visibility by participating in the Player Rankings. Set up your profile to "Open" and stay on top of the game.

Find out one of our new AI powered tool: Virtual Coach

XSEED's Virtual Coach tailors its advices and recommendations based on the player's specific performance metrics and goals.

Stay committed to your training regimen and goals, ensuring a consistent and dedicated approach to improvement.

Share improvements with your Player Card

Unlock your personalized player card – a dynamic showcase of your skill ratings and accomplishments. 

Start sharing your progress to friends, teammates, and coaches while celebrating your achievements with the global community.

Built-in AI technology and advanced analytics
in your hands

Exceptional resistance

They protect and provide impact resistance

Extreme lightness

Breathable and comfortable weighs less than 100g

Bluetooth Connection

Seamless and real-time tracking experience


Up to 3 Match without recharging

 Dual mode

Training and match, to each one its own data

PPE Certification

(Personal Protective Equipment)

XSEED provide adequate protection during play

XL Extralight

Comfortable, resistant to water, antibacterial and antiallergic foam, super light materials

High performance materials

Renowned plastics for impact resistance and durability, utilized in aerospace applications

CE Marking

Meets European health, safety, and environmental protection standards.

RoHS Compliance

(Restriction of Hazardous Substances)

Guarantees that the product is free from harmful substances

RF Compliance

The device does not pose any health risks due to Radio Frequency (RF)

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