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  • AI-technology captures right and left foot performance

  • 25+ Technical & 20+ Athletic metrics

  • Free Access to the XSEED App

  • Designed for all ages, optimized for those >120cm in height

  • Endorsed and tested by Elite Clubs and Pro Players

  • Certified for Official Match & Training scenarios

  • 14 days money back guarantee


You will have access to all basic features. After adding to the cart, you can decide whether to upgrade to the Premium plan (you can upgrade your plan anytime in the future)


The first smart shinguards to unlock your potential and empower your skills. Wear your XSEED, download the official App and pair them. Thanks to 5 advanced sensors you gather data after every match.

1. Improve your technical, physical and tactical performance

Technical events analysis
Everything you want to know about your technical skill set. Number and direction of passes, number of crosses, number of shots and shot power.

Athletic performance
Everything you want to know about your athletic skills. Total distance covered, speed, number of sprints, deceleration and heatmap.

Geolocation of events
Discover in which area of the pitch you perform a specific drill and what you should be focusing on to unlock your potential.

2. Get noticed by the European top club and gain visibility

3. All the data in your smartphone with the XSEED App

Technical specifications

  • 2 smart shinguards
  • Rechargeable battery, up to 5 Match without recharging
  • Device weight <100g
  • 5 sensors: 3D Accelerometer (2X), 3D Gyroscope (1X), 3D Magnetometer (1X), GPS Module @ 20 Hz (1X)
  • BLE Module (Data Transfer)
  • USB Type-C (Faster Charging)

What you'll get

  • 2 smart shinguards
  •  Sleeves size M in which to insert the devices
  •  Splitter cable to charge both shinguards
  •  iOS and Android app
  •  User manual
  • Track your technical, athletic, tactical performance

Exceptional strength and impact resistance

Extreme accuracy thanks to integrated AI

Easy-to-use app (iOS and Android)

Up to 5 Match of autonomy without recharging

2 year warranty


Empowering Athletes with a Seamless and Intuitive Experience: Welcome to XSEED



All the data in your smartphone with the XSEED App

Discover and improve your technical, physical, and tactical performance

Track your performance and improvements with all the necessary data. Discover your weaknesses and how to improve them.

Track your training sessions and matches performance

By monitoring your stats, understanding your strengths and areas for improvement becomes clear, giving you a competitive advantage

A non-invasive solution

While GPS bibs and other devices add to your gear, smart shin guards replace your traditional ones to track every aspect of the game right from your smart phone


Designed for the PRO, suitable even for Young Talents 

XSEED combines AI technology with a one-size design ideal for both young aspirants and pros.

Maximize XSEED's performance with our tailored sleeves. Designed for perfect positioning, they fit all player heights:

Sleeves Size S - designed for athletes < 140 cm.

Sleeves size M - designed for athletes between 140 and 160 cm.

Sleeves Size L - designed for athletes > 160 cm

Share improvements with your Player Card

Presenting a personalized player card that encapsulates and details your skill ratings, allowing you to display and share your ongoing advancements and achievements with the global community


Innovative technology and advanced analytics
in your hands

Exceptional strength

They protect and provide impact resistance

Extreme lightness

Breathable and comfortable weighs less than 100g


Up to 5 Match without recharging

Algorithmic accuracy

With built-in AI, they detect every movement

 Dual mode

Training and match, to each one its own data

Innovative technology and advanced analytics in your hands

Exceptional robustness

They protect and provide impact resistance

Extreme lightness

Breathable and comfortable weighs less than 100g


Up to 5 Match of autonomy without recharging

Algorithmic accuracy

Thanks to the built-in AI they detect your every movement

Dual mode

Training and match, to each his data

The power of data at your fingertips

Learn more about all the features you can access with XSEED. 
FeaturesXSEED logoGPS
Athletic Metrics
Distance coveredTRUETRUE
N° of sprints & Sprint DistanceTRUETRUE
Sprint mapTRUETRUE
Speed zonesComing soonFALSE
Athletic load index PremiumComing soonTRUE
Technical load index PremiumComing soonFALSE
Seasonal Athletic Data PremiumTRUEFALSE
Technical Metrics
Passes (left and right foot)TRUEFALSE
% short passes & % launchesTRUEFALSE
Crosses (left and right foot)TRUEFALSE
Shots (left and right foot)TRUEFALSE
Max shot power x sessionComing soonFALSE
Geolocalization of Technical eventsTRUEFALSE
xG (expected goals) PremiumTRUEFALSE
Shots & Passes directionComing soonFALSE
Average Position PremiumComing soonFALSE
Seasonal Technical Data PremiumTRUEFALSE
App Features
Match & training sessionsTRUETRUE
Player performance cardTRUETRUE
XPR (XSEED Performance Rating)TRUEFALSE
Indoor trackingComing soonFALSE
Unlimited saved session PremiumTRUEFALSE
Performance Rankings & Comparison PremiumTRUEFALSE
Viewer access (parents; coaches; ...) PremiumComing soonFALSE
Media Library / Guided Trainings PremiumComing soonFALSE
Download report & data PremiumComing soonFALSE
Virtual Coach PremiumComing soonFALSE

Customer Reviews

Based on 57 reviews
Simon Lucherini
Customer experience

Avevo dei dubbi in merito ai modelli disponibili. In pochi click ho pianificato una call per il giorno seguente e ho parlato direttamente con un dipendente che mi ha chiarito ogni cosa.

Ciao Simon! Ti ringraziamo per aver dedicato del tempo per condividere la tua esperienza. Siamo lieti di sapere che ti abbiamo fornito un servizio cliente di livello eccellente. Facciamo del nostro meglio per garantire che ogni membro del nostro team offra assistenza e supporto di alta qualità. Grazie per aver scelto XSEED e per la tua fiducia in noi!

Richard W.
Insightful report

Insightful report, with clear analysis.

Dear Richard, Thank you very much for providing us with this rating. We value your effort in sharing your feedback. Moreover, we're delighted that you find the reports and analysis valuable. We look forward to your continued satisfaction with our services, and we are dedicated to consistently meeting your expectations.

Paolo Morri

Good the service.

Thank you, Paolo, for taking the time to share your rating and opinion about our smart wearable device. We trust you'll continue to enjoy XSEED, and we remain dedicated to consistently meeting your expectations.

Michael Callaway
Impressive product

Impressive product! I kicked off Project MESSI with my son

Hi Michael, We appreciate you taking the time to provide your rating for our advanced wearable device, XSEED. We're looking forward to witnessing your son's growth with the help of XSEED and are committed to consistently meeting your expectations. Thank you once again for your valuable feedback.

Andre Corti
Innovativi ma preparati

I punti chiave sono due. In via principale il prodotto offerto è eccellente. Non ho ancora trovato nulla che mi dia l’analisi della mia prestazione come quella offerta da XSEED (i parastinchi). Dovrei avere un coach, una fascia Technogym al petto e uno smart watch per avere altrettante informazioni. In via secondaria l’applicazione, nonché il supporto per la medesima, a me piace molto. Anche la volta in cui ho fatto confusione con l’applicazione, fra video online e supporto tecnico l’ho risolta subito.

Ciao Andrea, Ti ringraziamo sinceramente per il tuo feedback dettagliato e positivo riguardo XSEED e la nostra applicazione. È motivo di grande orgoglio per noi sapere che il nostro prodotto si sta rivelando così utile e che siamo riusciti a fornire un'analisi della prestazione che soddisfa le tue esigenze. Siamo felici di sapere che hai apprezzato anche il nostro supporto e i materiali online, e ci scusiamo per qualsiasi inconveniente tu possa aver riscontrato. Il nostro team lavora costantemente per migliorare l'esperienza dell'utente e fornire assistenza tempestiva e efficace. Se hai ulteriori suggerimenti, domande o feedback, ti preghiamo di contattarci. La tua opinione è fondamentale per noi. Grazie per aver scelto XSEED e per la tua fiducia in noi!

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