What are the differences between XSEED LITE and XSEED PRO?

The difference between the two is that when purchasing XSEED LITE just one out of the two shinguards will be SMART. You are given the opportunity to pick on which side you want the SMART shinguard to be on by choosing between XSEED LITE RIGHT or XSEED LITE LEFT. 

Meanwhile, by purchasing XSEED PRO both shinguards will be SMART

What are the differences between XSEED LITE RIGHT and XSEED LITE LEFT?

By purchasing XSEED LITE RIGHT only the right shinguard will be the one analyzing your data, meanwhile the left one will be a non-smart XSEED

By purchasing XSEED LITE LEFT only the left shinguard will be the one analyzing your data, meanwhile the right one will be a non-smart XSEED

What is the recommended age for XSEED?

With XSEED age doesn’t necessarily matter. What matters is the height of the player. As of right now XSEED is recommended for athletes between the height of 151cm (4.9 ft) and 180cm (6 ft). In case our customers don’t meet those requirements we invite them to contact our customer service.

What is the recommended height for XSEED?

As of right now XSEED is recommended for athletes between the height of 151cm (4.9 ft) and 180cm (6 ft).

What is the size of XSEED?

XSEED is 183,5x85mm (7.2x3.3inch)

How important is it for XSEED to stay still?

To make sure that XSEED functions correctly it is important for it to be firm and stable during the activity. Just like some professional athletes do, using pre-wrap/tape or sleeves allows the device to stay in position and collect your data correctly. 

What is my sleeves size?

The is our suggested guide for the Slevees is:

- Size S - for athletes shorter than 160 cm

- Size M - height between 160 and 175 cm

- Size L - height greater than 175 cm

This is our suggestion however the sizes is based also on the circumference of the calves.

Where can I find the App?

The App is free and available for iOS and Android in? their stores by searching XSEED. Once you completed the purchase and received the product you will be able to connect it to your smartphone.

Do I have to bring the phone with me to track my data?

Once the pairing process is complete with your XSEED and you started the session from your smartphone you will be able to leave your device in the locker room and enjoy your session.

Once your session is over you’ll be able to download all your data through the app.

Is it possible to activate multiple devices XSEED simultaneously from the same User?

Multi-start is a work-in-progress. As of right now you can start only a single session from each User. For more details we invite you to contact our Customer Service. 

Can I connect a single User to multiple XSEED?

Every User can connect to one and only XSEED.

How can I wash XSEED? Are they waterproof?

To properly wash XSEED we suggest you to wash them with a slightly wet cloth. Do not put XSEED in direct contact with water. Therefore no shower, no washer ecc.

Is XSEED resistant?

XSEED doesn’t only have to protect the player but also the technology inside of it, to do this we used ultra-resistant and light materials to maximize safety and comfort. It is safe to say that XSEED is definitely more resistant than a normal shinguard.

How much battery does it have? How long does it last?

One full battery can hold up to 5 matches.

Does XSEED keep track of your heart rate?

No, XSEED doesn’t keep track of your heart rate.

I would like to purchase XSEED for my team/club, how do I do that?

If you’re interested in purchasing XSEED for your team/club, complete this form.

Soccerment came up with a solution for Professional and Non-Professional Clubs called “Platform As A Service”. This platform allows clubs to manage their squad with very specific dashboards, an API that transfers through XSEED all the information related to the players. Dedicated support will also be provided.