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XSEED PRO | Evolve Your Game

XSEED PRO | Evolve Your Game

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Become Faster, Stronger and More Visible

XSEED was designed to make footballers faster, stronger and more visible to the top clubs. Pre-order today and receive XSEED with the start of the new season!  

A full analysis, to improve better and faster

Connect XSEED through your mobile app (iOS / Android). Start a session. Play. Download the data. Do it again. Easy!

Receive valuable and intuitive feedback (see below all the metrics that are tracked by XSEED). Use the feedback to improve, so to gain visibility with the top clubs.

  • Number of passes, shots, crosses, launches;
  • Maximum shot power;
  • Expected Goals, Expected Assists (Coming Soon).
  • Distance covered in five different speed zones;
  • Maximum speed;
  • Number of sprints;
  • Number of accelerations & decelerations.
  • Heatmap on the pitch;
  • Player clustering (Coming Soon);
  • Distance between players (Coming Soon) 


Artificial Intelligence applied to football

Data coming from the many on-board sensors are analysed by a neural network, trained to identify the technical events with great precision. 


Full specs:

  • More than 6 matches with one full charge; 
  • Extra-safety, thanks to the LifePO4 technology
  • 3D Accelerometer (2x);
  • 3D Gyroscope; 
  • 3D Magnetometer; 
  • GPS Module (up to 20 Hz).
  • BLE Module;
  • USB Type-C.
  • <100g
  • A few grams more than a standard shinguard.


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